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Body System Summary
About Us My name is Dr. Robert Christiano. I am a N.D. (Naturopathic Doctor), C.N.C. (Certified Nutritional Consultant), and a C.N.H.P. (Certified Natural Health Practitioner).
I have 35 years of experience, and 6 years as New Wave Wellness.

This vast world of Alternative/Natural Health can be quite overwhelming. It's information overload. One person says this, another says that. My mission is: "Good Health Made Simple". I have been gifted with the knowledge and ability to help people make very positive improvements in their health. My niche in the confusing world of natural health is specializing in finding the root cause of the problem. To achieve optimal health, we must find the root of the problem, remove it and repair the damages.

I will not sell you a lot of products that you have to stay on forever. The products I use are normally a one-time purchase. Only in severe cases, would you have to make a second purchase of the same product.

bobI want my clients to not only get well, but to get well simply and quickly. For example - Let's say that a spider is the cause for all the spider webs in your house - the spider being the root cause of your illness and the webs are the symptoms. What happens in most cases is that people take this supplement or that one or undergo this modality or that one and all they are doing is constantly wiping spider webs away. This is where I come in. I find the spider, kill it, heal the damage and the webs go away.

Allow me to work with you and together we can achieve your optimal health so that one day you can say "WOW, I FEEL GREAT!"

Disclaimer: This is a personal wellness ministry. These statements and procedures have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
These products and services are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease, mental state or illness.

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